For those wondering who this guy is that’s starting a race in Louisiana, I thought I’d take a minute to introduce myself.

My name is Kyle Martin and I’m from a small town called Wilson in Western New York. From a very young age I flew pigeons with my dad and we were part of the Buffalo Racing Pigeon Club. Even I can remember the old wind up clocks with the countermarks. It was during this time that I absolutely fell in love with the pigeons. I got really good at scraping crap and filling water but my dad was the mastermind behind everything. I learned a ton from simply watching him and still utilize a lot of those same methods today. My dad is in his mid 70’s now and I still call him very often with questions as he’s my biggest mentor. He learned everything from his dad who was in the Pigeon Corp in WWII so the pigeon sport and love of the birds has been in our family a very long time. My parents had 14 children together and we all love the birds but I’m the only one that currently races pigeons.


I attended Niagara University and was enrolled in the ROTC program. Upon Graduation and Commissioning as an Infantry Officer in the Army, I was stationed at Fort Benning and completed additional training there. My first duty station was Fort Polk Louisiana and I had 1 combat deployment to Iraq during this time. I didn’t have any pigeons during this time due to the high training volume and long months away from home. I met my wife in Louisiana and after some unfortunate medical issues, I got out of the service and moved us to Houston to work in Medical Sales.


I’ve been itching to get back into the sport and had the chance to join the Northside Limited Club and got some awesome pigeons from my friend and mentor, Bud Williams. Since getting back into it, I’m completely hooked and plan to devote the rest of my life to the sport. I’m now back living in Louisiana on a 20 acre property that’s a nice spot for the birds. I currently fly with Lafayette Racing Pigeon Club and have many new friends and mentors. I have 2 baby boys with my wife and we are incredibly happy and blessed. I’d love the opportunity to get to know many of you!


This is just a short story about me but give me a call any time and I hope you can support my race!