1. Louisiana Perch is offering a five-race series racing a Northeast course.
    • 100 Mile – (average speed eligible)
    • 150 Mile – (average speed eligible)
    • 200 Mile – (average speed eligible)
    • 250 Mile – (average speed eligible)
    • 350 Mile – (average speed eligible)
  2. Louisiana Perch holds the right to shorten or lengthen the race mileage within reason to ensure a challenging race depending on weather.
  3. All birds must be banded with a 2024 seamless band recognized by a National Organization (AU, IF, CU, etc.)
  4. Accepting birds from February 26th through April 26th.
  5. Will Accept replacement birds before April 26th.
  6. We can take 3,000 birds.
  7. Birds will be vaccinated upon arrival for PMV and put into quarantine for 2 weeks. They will be vaccinated again and treated for coccidiosis, canker, and internal/external parasites before entering the racing loft.
  8. All birds will have their 9th and 10th flight pulled By June 22nd.
  9. Breeders must send entry form that is located under our forms with birds or email to
  10. Perch Fee is $100.
  11. The Entry Fee is $350 per bird due after the 100 Mile Activation Race.
  12. Send 5 birds and get the 6th Perch Fee free.. 
  13. Entry fees must be paid after the 100 Mile Activation Race and before the 150 Mile Race.
  14. Activation money MUST be received within 10 days after the Activation race. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  15. All birds must be activated to maintain eligibility.
  16. You must activate all your birds. No picking and choosing.
  17. Breeder retains ownership of all activated birds.
  18. Birds not activated by the time of the 150 Mile Race will become the property of the Louisiana Perch and may be activated by another breeder.
  19. Entry fees will be refunded if the bird does not make it to the 150 Mile Race.
  20. Race dates are subject to change due to weather conditions and the condition of the birds.
  21. Birds will NOT BE released if winds exceed 15 mph out of south, north, or side winds.
  22. Prizes are paid by CLOCKING ORDER. Multiple antennas will be used to capture pigeons on the drop.
  23. All races are open for 48 hours from the time of release.
  24. In the event that no birds clock within the 48-hour period all money will be divided equally among actual birds sent to that particular race and refunded minus 15%.
  25. In the event that not all paid positions are clocked within 48 hours, all remaining positions will be equally divided amongst birds that have clocked.
  26. If a bird traps but does not “clock” due to a chip or antenna malfunction, the bird will be entered as the last bird in that drop and placed with the appropriate “clocking order”. This is up to the Louisiana Perch’s discretion.
  27. If all prizes are not claimed within the 48-hour window of a particular race, the remaining monies will be divided equally among the winners minus 10%.
  28. Birds will be shipped back at the breeder’s expense at the current USPS rate + the cost of a brand-new box.
  29. Birds not claimed 10 days after the last race will become the property of the Louisiana Perch.
  30. Louisiana Perch will payout all the prizes within 30 days of the final race.
  31. No % of entry fees will be held for race expenses.
  32. Louisiana will promote a raffle with prizes to help support race expenses. Please participate!
  33. Raffle will only be open to Breeders entered into the Louisiana Perch
  34. Louisiana Perch reserves the right to make all final decisions.
  35. Louisiana Perch reserves the right to refuse service/entry to any breeder or attendee at their discretion.
  36. No pooling or gambling of any type will be allowed on the property.
  37. W-9 forms will need to be completed if winnings are $600 or more.
  38. To enter the race, participants must be 21 years or older and are responsible for all applicable taxes.
  39. Louisiana Perch will be using Wincompanion for live clocking and BENZING One Loft Race.
  40. Breeders must use the return pigeon form that is located under our forms to receive their birds back. This can be mailed or emailed to
  41. If time permits, the Louisiana Perch will offer a 3 race YEARLING OLD BIRD SERIES.
    • 200 Mile – (average speed eligible)
    • 300 Mile – (average speed eligible)
    • 400 Mile – (average speed eligible)
  42. The Entry Fee is TBD per bird due after the 350 Mile Young Bird Final Race.
  43. All previous race rules apply for the OB series.